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The Regal Star

Among the fixed stars, there is one that in particular is regarded as connected with royalty. That star is located in the constellation Leo (The Lion), in fact the brightest star in the constellation. One of its names is Cor Leonis (’The Heart of the Lion’), another is Regulus (’The Little King’). 
Traditionally Regulus has been seen as the king of the firmament and the fixed stars, and astrologically it has been signifying kings and royalty and all of noble heart. 
Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the constellations move around the tropical zodiac. (Constellations are not Sun signs!) They move very slowly, about one degree in 72 years. As an effect of this, Regulus will change Sun sign in 2012 and go from Leo to Virgo. Sun signs not being constellations this means the star will, of course, stay in the constellation Leo when leaving the Sun sign Leo. See also this article by astrologer Chris Brennan for a more in-depth explanation regarding the various interpretations of the word zodiac. (The link opens in a new window.)
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One of the things we will look into in the articles on the Swedish monarchy is whether Regulus plays a part in the horoscopes of the Royal Family, especially those of the King and the Crown Princess. 
Learn more about Regulus on this page (the link opens in a new window).
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The Constellation Leo from a Star-Map

Old Star Map with the Constellation Leo.