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The Royal Charts

This page contains links to horoscopes and astrological data with relevance for interpretations regarding the Swedish Royal Family. All links below open in a new window.

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Birth Charts

#1 in line of succession (daughter of the King and first-born). 

HRH Prince Daniel
Prince Daniel does not have an entry at the Astro-DataBank, nor is his birth time known at the time of this writing. He is born in Örebro, Sweden, 15 September, 1973. 

#2 in line of succession (daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel). 

#3 in line of succession (son of the King). 

#4 in line of succession (daughter of the King). 

King of Sweden, and Norway, 1818—1844. The first Bernadotte on the Swedish throne.

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Event Charts

June 19, 2010, at 15:55:30, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The engagement chart for the Crown Princess Couple is not included as we do not have the exact time. That chart, thus, is only used when exactness is not an issue and for purposes of demonstration.

September 15, 1973, at 20:35, in Helsingborg, Sweden.

February 5, 1818, at 22:14, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Science of Origins

Event charts for the deaths of Kings of Sweden Gustaf VI Adolf and Charles XIII have been included as these charts describe important starting points with regards to the next succession.

The death chart for Gustaf VI Adolf marks the starting point of the era of the current king, Charles XVI Gustaf. The death chart for Charles XIII marks the starting point for the first Bernadottean ruler; Charles XIV John, and is thus also the starting point for the Bernadottean dynasty upon the Swedish throne. 

Astrology could be said to be the science of origins. Through knowing the origin of someone or something, we also know, to the extent that astrology will tell us, the destiny of this someone or something. 
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Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, ancestor of the Bernadotte Dynasty and King of Sweden 1818—1844

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, 
Prince de Ponte-Corvo, 
Roi de Suède, 
Maréchal de France.

Painted by Joseph Nicolas Jouy, 
after François-Joseph Kinson.

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