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The Bernadotte Chronicles

The Bernadotte Chronicles is an astrological case report. It is based upon miscellaneous notes and a series of posts to the Usenet newsgroup alt.astrology.moderated

The report makes a prediction regarding succession in the Kingdom of Sweden. It is available in PDF-format from here:

(link opens in a new window)

Downloading to read gives a better reading experience than reading the file on Google documents.

Should you be interested in the source material, the posts made to alt.astrology.moderated are available via Google Groups (use link below, the page opens in a new window). The discussion thread has the name Regulus revisited
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Almanac Bernadotte

During the course of the series regarding the Swedish monarchy, dates that are of particular astrological importance will be added to a calendar that is available on this website. Note that most dates of relevance to the report will be in within the time frame 2016—2017. Therefore the years before that are relatively empty. 

Birthdays and anniversaries are included from start.

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The Royal Wedding
June 19, 2010

Above: the logotype for the Royal Wedding in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2010, when Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were married. The central part of the logotype consists of the monogram for the Crown Princess Couple. The crown is particular to the successor to the Crown; a ’crown princely’ crown.