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In astrology I am, broadly speaking, interested in what could be named royal astrology. That would include the astrology of royal persons, the astrology of the fixed star Regulus and the astrology of the Luminaries; Sol and Luna, King and Queen of the starry skies. Being Swedish I have made the Swedish Royal Family Bernadotte an astrological research project. Astro-genealogy is another interest, and so its sibling astro-fertility.

The one astrological interest that is not easily associated with the above cluster would be my interest in finding an astrological signature for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), in general or in particular. 

In January 2012 I have started a series of posts on the Swedish monarchy, starting with the 2010 marriage chart of TTRRHH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. See the heading The Bernadotte Report for more on this series.
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To tell the truth I am not certain whether there exists an ’accepted’ definition of how the word astro-genealogy should be interpreted, so lacking such a one I shall provide my own instead.

To me, this topic is about checking out astrological connections that run in the family. Inherited positions would be a typical example. I am especially interested in getting in touch with people who have made such investigations in their own family lines.  

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Astro-Fertility is probably more defined than astro-genealogy and would concern how to optimize conception through astrological means; i.e., through choosing astrologically propitious times for conception. 

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The Common Denominator

The common denominator for my interests seems to be that most of them are concerned with the Luminaries. Interestingly, though, the fixed star Regulus, one of my interests, has been said to relate to matters of genealogy and fertility as well. However, I have not been able to relocate the source of that, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt.
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Ars Regia

The interest in the Luminaries explains the image I have chosen to put on the right side of this page, and also hints at another interest of mine; alchemy. Or, as it was once called, the royal art; Ars Regia

Though probably unnecessary to explain to my readers, with alchemy I do not refer to the making of chunks of gold but rather to what might be called spiritual alchemy.
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