1 July — 2013

My main interest and occupation with astrology is in research and attempting to synthesize various strands into a coherent theory. I believe that this is not only possible, but within reach.

A major part of my understanding of astrology is concerned with its original function as ’political science’; an aid to help the ruler to govern the kingdom wisely. This was how astrology was used in different parts of the world, and it should tell us something about it.

A theory needs some philosophical grounding, in particular since contemporary scientism does not allow for non-material non-mechanistic explanations to any larger degree. What is not material seems to be regarded as immaterial.

In other words, the scope of my attempt is quite far-reaching. I do however believe I am making progress and will gladly share my ideas and thoughts about this with others interested in the same topics. 

Contact me if you want to talk about these matters.