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Other Things Internet

They say you should try everything once, which I mostly do not live by, or want to live by. I can think of quite a few things one should avoid even trying. But when coming to things Internet, I do follow the idea.

Most of the pages and profiles below are not that active, or active at all. But it is good for all-mighty googlebots to see me connect the threads. And for me to know which and where my profiles are!


I give these links not to show off myself, obviously as I have no content or activity to speak of in most of these, but because I would very much like to get in touch with others interested in astrology who are using these sites.

That would apply to in particular, so that you can share with me your content, or that which you found that has astrological relevance.

I am interested not exclusively in astrology, but also topics that make sense when one seeks to find out why and how astrology works. 


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Or go directly to the collections, one of which is Fictional Mathematics; a mix between nonsense numerology and mythological mathematics. 


— Slideshare
My slideshows are on Jux, but if you have something interesting over at Slideshare, let me know! 
— Flickr
This account is brand new as of this writing, but I hope to find the time to search my archives where there are plenty of astrology-related imagery waiting to meet the world outside my hard disk, shivering with anticipation. 

This one is so far most for viewing, I have not added any material of my own.

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Profile, not activity.


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I have probably read all articles on Wikipedia twice but I am not a very active contributor, I am afraid. 


Really just because I am interested in publishing, so I want to check out the service. Do not expect activity here.


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As with Issuu, expect no activity. 

New York Times

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Huffington Post

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I think practically all of what is here is in Swedish, and aging quickly without being refilled much, so perhaps only of interest if you speak Swedish and are interested in what I think about things like monarchy – yes I like it! – or racism, which I like not at all. 


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If you see or sell anything cool and related to astronomy or astrology, I may want to buy it.

Goodreads (books)

Mostly quotes so far, for which reason I link directly to them.  







Facebook pages

— ’Urania, Muse of Heaven’; a tribute page to the muse of astrology, astronomy and philosophy.
— ’Royalist Astrologist’. I do not really know what to use it for, but there it is.


— The channel, is on, but nothing is on. When I have the time to focus upon YT and provide some material, I’ll update this text to reflect the change.


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New account.


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Replaces my old profile which does not adhere to the Kjell Pettersson-naming-standard as Slashdot does not seem to allow changing the name of your account.


As I am not that active on Twitter any more and that seems to be the major thing for Klout, there is not much to see here either.


The Economist

As of yet, none.  
 ; Genealogy




This post is specifically about the Tumblr blog, but would probably work well for all the stuff that will end up here sooner or later. 

I. Abandoned for now

The first category is for things that I may continue to develop at a later point in time but it wont happen in any near futures.

 Fanfic archive 

Nothing there yet but an incoherent draft-not-worth-even-that-designation building upon an astrological thriller going by the name The Deadly Messiah.

• Tumblr 

Nothing coherent posted yet, only random ramblings, but probably more sensical than the fanfic above. The Deadly Messiah had a unifying theme but not a unifying feeling, which I think I may have had slightly more of here – before I gave it up. 

Now I repost some Quora answers here, to the extent possible. Quora is a bit unreliable with what can be reposted. As Quora is behind a login-wall, it widens exposure somewhat. If you click on a link to Quora on my Tumblr page it will look like you need login, but you really can bypass that by using one of the fine print-links, which will show you at least my answer. 

Then again, you already saw that on Tumblr, so if you clicked the link you probably wanted to check out more than that, in which case you will need to anyhow. Good news is that you can do so via FB, so it is not too bothersome.

II. Abandoned, not returning

I will not continue with the idea of cooperating with skeptics in testing astrology in a way both parties would accept as scientific, for a variety of reasons. For that reason I closed the Quora blog for this.