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Hej! [Swedish for "Hi!"]

As you can see, the left-hand column gives various web presences, some more active than others. Or less. And I have a profile picture too, sort of. At this rate, you can expect a ”selfie” any decade. 
Here a few words on how, where and why to find me, including how to pronounce my name: Earth calling Kjell? Come in!


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September 5
Not so very much happens or has happened in the "outer world" for awhile now. I was diagnosed with leukemia in May and this takes up pretty much all of my time, and some extra. Here is the Facebook post where I share more details about this. 
April 23
Huffington Post asked me to answer a question about apps with an impact on personal fulfilment over at Quora. The second half of the answer I gave also gives my current main focus and trajectory, which so happens to be exactly what the question asked about. Exactly

These kinds of coincidences amuse me to no end. 
February 25
The nice people over at Quora has included a contribution of mine in an anthology recently published—Quora Anthology 2014 Series, edited by Jonathan Brill (writer relations at Quora). 
Below you can see it both unpacked and the separate pieces. One more book in the series is yet to come. As far as I know it is limited edition and not available for purchase, but should it become so I imagine it might be possible to find it via Goodreads.  
Quora Anthology 2014K
Quora Anthology 2014
February 13
A question I posted to Quora started picking up speed around Christmas and has now had quarter of a million views (update: it passed 400k in late April). The funny things with things going "viral" is that you never know before they do which ones will, or why. This is the question, and people love to answer it too: 


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November 6
The Quora Top Writer-quill was bestowed upon me once again, this time for the year of 2015. Thank you! 
April 10 
Kate Lee, senior editor at Medium.com, recommended one of my more nonsensical writing experiments; Pseudo-Logic, which was kind of unexpected. The good kind of unexpected, but it goes to show that the idea you can throw up an account and just pour things out is not entirely "safe". 

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December 26
I was happy and a bit surprised to learn a few days ago that I am among the ones Quora has deemed to recognise as a Quora Top Writer. The symbol below thus graces my Quora profile for the coming year. 
Quora Top Writer 2013
Quora Top Writer, Class of 2013—2014
October 25
A sample of my social media activity can be found here on kjellpettersson.com, where I have a page with a mix of my latest updates over several different places
October 13
I noted my own words in the small presentation above; my various web presences. It may be worth pointing out that I consistently use only Kjell Pettersson since a few years, accepting the trend towards real names and dropping variations of my name, nicknames and imaginary handles. 

Where I am still active, I have implemented the change but there may be some old profiles around where I have not done it. I remember there was a site about the culture of language which I have however even forgotten the name of. Most certainly there are others, at least if they did not all go the road so many start-ups go. 

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