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It need to be mentioned that I do not offer astrological consultations or coaching, though I may occasionally provide pro bono interpretations.

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This is my ’Official Personal Homepage’—if now indeed you can have it both official and personal. As you see, the left-hand column gives things I have written available on the web and my various web presences. And I have a profile picture too, sort of. 
On the topic of myself:
And a few comments on how, where and why to find me, including how to pronounce my name:



April 6

I now have a profile with Referral Key

However, do note that I am not taking any clients myself. I have this only to be able to refer to other astrologers.



December 26

I was happy and a bit surprised to learn a few days ago that I am among the ones Quora has deemed to recognize as a Quora Top Writer. The symbol below thus graces my Quora profile for the coming year. 
Quora Top Writer 2013
Quora Top Writer, Class of 2013

October 31

Google today had the courtesy to offer me a vanity URL for my Google Plus account, which is now a bit simpler than the numbery gibberish that was before: 


October 25

A sample of my social media activity can be found here on kjellpettersson.com, where I have a page with a mix of my latest updates over several different places

October 13

I noted my own words in the small presentation above; my various web presences. It may be worth pointing out that I consistently use only Kjell Pettersson since a few years, accepting the trend towards real names and dropping variations of my name, nicknames and imaginary handles. 

Where I am still active, I have implemented the change but there may be some old profiles around where I have not done it. I remember there was a site about the culture of language which I have however even forgotten the name of. Most certainly there are others, at least if they did not all go the road so many start-ups go. 

September 4

If you are interested in royal Swedish news, these sources may be of interest to you:

In Swedish only
Swedish and European royal news, in Swedish, so you need to be friends with translate.google.com if you do not understand the language.

— Not a news site, but I should also mention the Royalist Society in Sweden; Rojalistiska Föreningen

August 30

It needs to be repeated that I am lousy at checking all these social sites. I have hardly been on a single one of them this last month. Should you for any reason want to get in touch with me, the best way is not FB or LI or Quora or any of those, but the contact link in the left column.

July 16

Facebook link updated to something a bit easier to remember if you managed somewhat odd name ’Kjell’, less odd ’Pettersson’ and went on to note that Kjell Pettersson was a ’royalist astrologist’:
In other words, a so called vanity URL.